Warsaw Autumn is the only internationally-acclaimed festival in Poland that is fully dedicated to contemporary music.

Res publica. Music is not only the monologues of its creators, it is also a conversation. Everyone with everyone. We all belong to the public. So sometimes we argue, but we also reconcile. It is difficult to live among antagonists alone. This year’s Warsaw Autumn is about getting along through music. With an openness to the variety of attitudes and all the differences between us. This is what debate is all about – the art of finding each other’s reasons.”
(from the programme text of the 61st WA – J. Kornowicz)

The project includes: posters (main and Little Warsaw Autumn), printed materials (programme books, invitations, guides, tickets), CD packaging and a film spot.


Adam Dudek plakat Warszawska Jesień 2018
Adam Dudek plakat Mała Warszawska Jesień 2018